Tracker Name: HDRush


Sign-up Link: (click Signup)

Closing Date:
April 20th, 2015

Addiitional Information:
HDRush is a new HD tracker that was open for free sign up and lately became invites only tracker. HDRush is a small community,they have 3.4K registered users and about 340 active torrents. Almost all torrents uploaded are their internals. They have some good internal encoders like PSYPHER,BluPanther,MZ0N3,HDRush,TheVortex and JsR. PSYPHER is their best encoder and his encodes are uploaded in major general trackers. Almost all torrents are freeleech and they have bonus point system that can be easily used ti buy huge amount of buffer. Speeds are pre-times are not that good due to less peers. HDRush is still in the beginning and some day it can be a well known tracker.