Yesterday marked the second year of Beathau5's existence as a tracker, and with that come celebrations. Through the past few years we've been through over 40,000 torrents, uploaded as a combined effort by nearly 4,500 members. We're glad to be here and hope Beathau5 exists for many more years to come.

Thanks to all the staff, past and present - our moderation team, the FLS team, our developers, and the administration who have all worked tirelessly to shape Beathau5 into what it is today. Thanks to all the past staff - specifically RichHomie and bblack who have stepped down recently, and most of all thanks goes to the members - that means you, Zepuv. We couldn't exist without our members sticking with us throughout these two years, helping build Beathau5 into being the best tracker for electronic music.

Before we reach the main event, we'd like to announce a few opportunities for those interested in being more involved with the site's support team and development.

We have a couple of site positions open for worthy candidates who've proven themselves to be good, hard-working members at Beathau5 and in the torrent world.

FLS Team
We are recruiting FLS for a short time. Please see this thread.

Developer Team
We're looking for another developer to assist with the site. PHP and MySQL experience is required. Experience using Gazelle will be highly considered and is recommended. If you are interested;
Send a staff PM addressed to Moderators with the title "Developer Position".
You should include samples of past work and any further information (use of git, if you've been a developer at another site) that you think would assist you - we recommend using the FLS application template to help you.

NK572 has again made us a wonderful stylesheet for our birthday. Go check it out by changing to it in your profile. If you like it, be sure to send him a PM saying thanks!

Above is also a teaser of one of the new features coming on day three. Make sure you're a groupie or above in order to participate properly.

Without further ado...

  • albert
    Joris Voorn - Balance 014 (2009)
  • cccthestyle
    Youandewan - Spiral Arms (2015)
  • CMMurrayIsDead
    Squarepusher - Hard Normal Daddy (1997)
  • Fruitplate
    Henry Flynt - You Are My Everlovin / Celestial Power (1986)
  • Neobenedict
    Solar Fields - Mirror's Edge Original Videogame Score (2009)
  • NK572
    Charles Murdoch - Weathered Straight (2013)
  • pLugiN
    Chase & Status - Live At Brixton Academy (2012)
  • SpazticWonder
    Above & Beyond - Group Therapy (2011)
  • trouto
    Chase & Status & Plan B - End Credits (2009)