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The Chinese HD LOGO collection activities so far received a total of more than 200 LOGO design. Thanks to the support of the general membership of the site, we can see from some LOGO design members would like to express the idea, the concept, design Contributor many wonderful Or simple, can feel they have a strong desire to create, but also thanks this creative desire, because LOGO addition to creative, also need to facilitate the application in actual use, the management group in more than 200 pieces of design in primaries over 40 LOGO design for everyone to vote.

Voting rules:

First round of voting time: 2012-September 30, 2009

Vote divided into three groups, each member in each group voting Select up to five design after the close of the poll to elect the highest number of votes and 20 LOGO to enter the second round of voting, and reward: 5W magic, inviting 5 gold.


中国高清网新LOGO征集活动迄今为止共收到200余个LOGO设计方案。感谢广大会员对网站的支持,从一 些LOGO设计方案中我们看到了会员所想表达的想法、理念,投稿人的设计中不乏精彩抑或朴实,能感受到他们 都有相当强烈的创作欲望,也感谢这样的创作欲望,由于LOGO除了有创意,还需要在实际使用中便于应用,所 以管理组在200余件的设计方案中初选出40多个LOGO设计,供大家投票。



投票分为三组,每个会员可在每一组投票中最多选5个设计方案,投票结束后,选出得票数最高的20个LOGO 进入第二轮投票,并奖励:5W魔力、邀请5枚。