Its been quiet sometime since we have had open signup's here on HDME. Well we have decided to open doors for new members this week.

HDME will be allowing new members to join without the need of an invite this coming Wednesday (22nd) 2015.

Let me clear one this, this in no way means you are allowed to have multiple account. As soon as we close the open signup's we shall start banning duplicate accounts and all low ratio users below 0.3 share ratio. At this time we shall also be having double upload credit site wide on all torrents along with all torrents Freeleech. Yes, that's right all site wide torrents will be freeleech meaning only your upload will count and that to double.

This should give enough time to low ratio members to improve their ratios as we will not be giving any warnings for ban's!

Kindly pass on the word to your friends and family who might be looking to join a great HD torrents site

Thank You