1. About our donations, past new months staff already support half of donation. And turn out this month also lack and short of donation again, I hate to ask and spam and spam. What we know that donation is come from willingness to help I'm okay with it as long you give a positive suggestions to help us. If you are capable to help us, please visit our donation page for more information : https://mnbvcxz.eu/donate.php Donation promotion still waiting for donor.

2. About system update on 1st of May, we will update our system and patch newbie task. After this any new user have a task to complete after registration to make sure their account is safe from disable/ban. User will be given 30 days to complete 10GB download, 30 days mean from their registration time and date. If they not meet the requirements, system will automatically disable/ban their account. This also will effect all user! for VIP this task will be ignore but! if they do not have 10GB download when VIP expired, their account also will be disable/ban.

3. Last week we have post about open registration at our facebook fanpage but turn of people not interested in that, and we have given all user invite credits to invite whoever they know to our site. But seem 1st of May is Labor Day, we will open the open registration to public to join us! spread this word to your buddy or whoever you know that interested about torrenting world.
We will open our open registration at 1st May 12:00 AM GMT+8 until 3rd May 12:00AM GMT+8

Last and final word, happy holiday and labor day from us at LTTi.