Good Bye Alias:

Hi all markt here i would like to thank you all for the past 12 months of Alias but it has come to that time to part ways and close the site as of today!!! sad you say it is yes but wait there is good news we have not closed the site for any reason!!! no we have closed the site because we was sick of bugs and this and that so us gaffers at the alias said this isint fair on you so here is what we did, we found an upgraded server, then we thought about the code we was running was old, time for latest, so we got that then we sat and thought all this new we need a new name >>>>>
So here it is folks, your new home : <<<<<

Please remember to register a new account.

Please note, VIP's from Alias will get their stats transfered VIP length only after this email as old database will no longer exists and i'il have no way of knowing your upload and bonus but i can keep record of your length so you w! on't loose that.

All other user's will have to start from fresh, sorry but there's no way i can transfer all the state.