Your tracker needs YOU

muT - Now Hiring
Although this was mentioned briefly in the last news post, we have recently started seeking out experienced web developers to join the muTracker team - as we have several long term/large-scale tasks to undertake (but not the coding manpower for them), knowledge of PHP, MySQL and Javascript is a necessity. We're also looking for anyone proficient with HTML or experienced CSS designers (particualrly HTML5 and CSS3), however, and anyone with extensive knowledge of web frameworks would be hugely desired. It's also important that you maintain regular contact with the staff on IRC throughout the projects, and are at least somewhat active on the site (but not necessarily forums). As an ambitious/growing music-oriented tracker we have a lot of potential, but it can't be tapped into without the motivation behind those running the site, as well as the community. If you're interested, send a PM to any admin/sysop and let us know.

mubot is back
Our IRC bot was fixed yesterday, and so the #announce channel is active once again. For those of you not familiar, muTracker's uploads are tracked live on the IRC for users - especially those with seedboxes - to download torrents instantly. For those running the Autodl-irssi script, download limits, SSL encryption, as well as artists/genres can be specified to auto-download from your bittorrent client. To have access to this, join our irc server at and join the #announce channel.