Hello this is Bjw.
I have been taking care of the THC server for some time now.I have spoken with snuggles and have asked his permission to send out this pm to THC users.

I am the owner of Twilight Torrents

We are a 0 day tracker with about 22,000 torrents but try to keep our users around 5000.
We have 1 gig boxes running the torrents.

I will be opening the site for open signups for a few days if you wish to join.

There is also a new forums which will be a place where torrent sysops or owners may list there sites which they will get there own sections.This site will be open to all users to make comments or check on sites.It is a brand new forum so don't expect much at this time but hopefully will catch on.

The forums url is

Also when THC ever opens its doors to open registration I will be also letting my Twilight members know about THC