Disabling unused accounts!

Under the 2nd of essential rules of the website, we disable regularly accounts for which any authenticated connection on https://hd-only.org has been recorded for over 3 months. We found that some registered members long, continued to connect to the site but had absolutely no involvement in their assets: 0 DL, UL 0, 0 torrent leech or seed (and for good reason), not a single comment about ups 0 forum post (except sometimes a single post presentation) ... nothing nothing except mere connections at more or less regular website ... what for? We want from each registered on HD-Only minimal participation, not just a connection time to time to see, or just one and the same torrent seed in the background for three months just to say ... So after the first 6 months of the site in 3 weeks, we will begin to disable accounts with no activity for more than three months (post presentation as the sole participation from the registration will not be sufficient), connection to the site or not. We n 'forcing people to participate, but HD-Only needs neither merely curious or voyeurs or infiltrators in the pay of [name the organization here that you want] or accounts in reserve. If you do not use your account, you do not need it, and neither do we.