Hello friends,
We know you haven't heard any news from us in a while. But we wanted to first bring some changes and then come to you with the announcements.

After the DDoS, tracker stability and safety has increased and we are stronger than ever now and it's time to bring those features you all guys want!

First of all, if you didn't notice yet, the site is now officially non-ratio. The download and upload will remain both just for stats and 1:1 in case we decide to go with HnR script. After you requested on the forum, we decided to give the community a chance to give us your input, we believe you guys will respect our work and uploaders work and you will seed torrents without being forced to with a HnR script. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. While the site has been freeleech, things have been good regarding peer stats, so we hope it will remain the same. If we see a lot of HnR from users, then things will change and the HnR script will be implemented. Please go on the forum and give us feedback regarding this. You can find the thread here.

Now, let's get to the features! First thing we changed was the banners which will replace the name of the artist id, making the site and browsing more aesthetic and interesting. In the next week we will try to finish the entire mook-up, if you didn't see it already you can see it here.
This means this tracker will become a real TV/Movie tracker, both categories will be separated from one another so people can find what they’re looking for with ease. If you want to see the new movies uploaded on the tracker, you just press the Movie button, same thing with the TV shows. We will keep the torrents.php page the same for users who want to see new movies and TV shows in the same place.
This majors changes request alot of testing.This means we will expect some errors from time to time or minimum downtime.But this will not affect your browse experience.

Our other plans for the site (besides the mookup):
-The artist id page for every show sorted after Season/Episode not after release.
-Torrent info page will be also changed drastically with embedded trailers and all information you need without accessing IMDB or any other site.
- The bonus system points will be changed, so you can give us your feedback in the same thread regarding HnR and the new features.
- Some minor bugs.

We want to express our gratitude for users who have had the patience to wait for our changes. The future is bright here at MTV, but only with you guys. We will remain the same and our community will be involved in all major decision of this tracker.
We have a long road together and I hope you guys enjoy the site and the work put into it.

UPDATE 1 : We have in mind also the unused accounts and in the next few days we will think about this.We want activity,not to be hold like backup,or colection.So, take care of your accounts if you wish to be part of this community because here we want quality,not quantity.

This announce will be update with tehnical info about changes .

Lastly, we wish a warm welcome to our new friends from TOTV, we hope you guys stay here for a while and our friendship continues to grow.
//MTV Staff