Hello folks,

We have been working on a new and fresh look for TorrentDay for quite some time and it is finally here.

Along with the updated look to the site, we've implemented lots of newer, streamlined code to make the site more secure and easier to use.

The general layout of the site remains the same, so everything should be where you expect it to be.

Of course, with the launch of a new site means new bugs and glitches so we invite you to please post here to let us know of any problems your may encounter.

We understand that with such a drastic change, some users may not be happy however we will continue to work to make improvements where needed.

Some of the pages on the site are not yet fully complete, such as the Chat feature but they will be over the next few days.

You will also be able to change between a light and dark theme in your user settings. The dark theme is coming soon. Currently, there are red and blue options.

Finally, this could not have been done without the support of our users so we thank you very much and welcome your feedback.

Suggestions completed:

1) New Torrents are bold now
2) Dark Theme is worked on... will be available within 2-3 days.
3) Moved Download buttons close to torrent name.

Note: You can always Switch back to old TorrentDay Layout by Clicking HERE!

Dark Theme Coming soon

TorrentDay Owner