Dear and dear users, with joy (or sorrow for some) for improvements to come will know that I worked snatchlist site.

What does this mean? We can award points to those who are the seed, we can see and detect users who upload fake do, we can see users who are hit and run. In short, we can reward users with common sense and serious and we will be able to more easily flush out those who are a burden to the community.

I'll be blunt, those who do the hard hit and run please stop it, those who make fake and you upload please, stop. I say nice now to have no unpleasant surprises and say that you did not know. I know I should not say so, it's clear that it's not ok to abuse (and those who are nonsense and they know it) but still I did.

Anyway do not think that is the case, we all know that you are with good sense and nobody makes nonsense (except the one who took today disable the fake upload). Rather than disable share with left and right, I thought to announce first time.

In other news, we've never forced users to stay seeding forced as it is on other sites, we did not and we will not do again. True, we could, but we will not do again. All we ask (and it is for the good of the community - for all users) is like any download to keep as seed and others can take what you've already downloaded. It's a matter of common sense, nothing more. We take care that those who really are and taste are the seed to be rewarded.

Thank you,
FileList Staff