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    x264 : News

    The Future...

    Today is the 5th of May, the donation bar was reset on the 28th of April, 2015 and as of the 5th there has been no donations at all to help support the site. So the question falls, do you all want to save Or should we retire it. The owner of the site doesn't want to run it if he has to support it from his own pocket completely, I personally don't blame him. I thought about a few ideas on how to get donations up, but they would be my ideas... I'm opening a forum thread and a poll ( where I would invite opinions and ideas. If you all think the site should just be shut, by all means, let us know! However, if nothing is done by the 28th of May the site will be gone. So please... if you care about this site, let us know what you think should be done!

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    Another' Please We need Donations 'Bullshit , I hope they don't go down as i'm using it & i'm quite satisfied with it.

    But with this donation thing going on all overs Trackers , i'm pretty sure we are gonna say goodbye to it.

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