Connie Britton says her adopted son Yoby is the 'best person I know'.

The Nashville star welcomed the little boy, now four, in November 2011 and has been raising him as a single mother ever since.
And in a chat with Us Weekly, Connie opened up about her love for her son as she revealed 25 Things You Don't Know About Me.
Connie stated that number eight was: 'I did, however, adopt my son, Yoby, from Ethiopia in 2011.'
She continued: 'He is the best person I know.'
And concluded: 'I am not biased.'
While Yoby is originally from Ethiopia, he has now settled entirely in Connie's home town of Nashville.
The stunning redhead insisted that her son is a huge fan of Southern living.
'My son has lived most of his life in Nashville,' she said. 'We like it there.'
Connie plays a domestic goddess Rayna James on US TV show Nashville, who is whipping up a meal for her children when she's not recording songs in the studio.
But in real life Connie is anything but a gourmet chef, and says there's only one dish she's ever really managed to master.
'I am a terrible cook,' Connie said. 'Except for eggs. I cook excellent eggs.
'My son's favorite kind are poached. We call them 'Yoby eggs.' '
Connie is currently believed to be single. However, the actress revealed her hope to fall in love again in the future during an interview with Redbook magazine last year ' stating that it's not only important for her, but also for Yoby.
"I would love to be doing this with a partner, and I want Eyob to have a father figure,' she said. 'But I also know that putting that kind of pressure on myself or on a relationship would be disastrous.
"It's funny - my married friends tell me all the time, 'What you have is so much easier.' When you're doing it on your own, you don't have to [argue over] how you're raising the kids.' '