James Corden is proud to have helped show the "human side" of Mariah Carey.
The British star has moved to Los Angeles to front talk series The Late, Late Show. He's already scored some high-profile guests, among them Mariah. She took part in one of the programme's regular features, which sees James drive around with a star and the pair singing the person's greatest hits.
"The great thing about [our] Carpool Karaoke [feature] is that once they're in the car, it's just the two of us. It's that intimate. She was fantastic," he gushed to British magazine Heat. "With someone like her, who's such a megastar, you almost forget she's human and we really showed the human side of her. It was so much fun."
Stars including Mila Kunis, David Beckham, Russell Crowe and Kristen Stewart have already been guests on James' sofa. He's thoroughly enjoying the experience so far, not least because he's been embraced by the people of America. For James, that has been the most astounding thing as he worried people wouldn't find him funny.
"I was so braced for the show to be torn apart that I'm gobsmacked by how quickly people have taken to it. And it's amazing to be able to sit with people like Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell and just be in their orbit for a bit," he explained. "No one's turned up with a huge entourage yet. Mila Kunis just showed up with three people - her make-up artist, stylist and assistant, which seems fair enough."