Marilyn Manson thinks people underestimate how much of a "badass" Justin Timberlake is.
The goth rocker has compiled a list of songs which have had a big influence with him, with the pop star's track Cry Me a River being one of them. Justin began his career as one fifth of group NSYNC but Marilyn thinks his true talents shone when he ventured out as a solo artist with debut album Justified.
"People underestimate how badass Justin Timberlake can be. Coming from a boy band, he probably wanted to break that mould and show people his darker side, and that's Cry Me a River," Marilyn explained to Rolling Stone. "In addition, I was told by my great friend Johnny Depp that he'd 'buy me a liver' if I ever needed him to, so there's that."
This isn't the first time Marilyn has paid homage to Justin as he previously did a cover of his track What Goes Around... Comes Around, which proved to be a big hit with both sets of fans.
David Bowie's 1974 song We Are the Dead is another tune which Marilyn enjoyed as a youngster, appreciating its representation of Hollywood culture and "the disgusting cannibalism".
Musical icon Johnny Cash features on the list too with his famous song Cocaine Blues.
"It's hard to pick just one favourite Johnny Cash song, but this is the one I listen to before I go on stage," Marilyn reasoned. "I listen to the version that he played at Folsom Prison - the one where you can actually hear his voice crack. You can hear that grit in his throat. It makes it real."