Director Brett Morgen has posted a series of facts on Twitter about his Kurt Cobain movie 'Montage of Heck'.

In the posts Morgen explains why Dave Grohl has does not appear in the film and what level of control Courtney Love and Kurt's father Don had in the making of the movie.

Morgen posted to Twitter:

Over the next hour, I will dispel several myths about the making of Montage of Heck.

1. Don Cobain only agreed to an interview after speaking with Frances. This was the first time he agreed to appear on camera.

2. None of the footage of Kurt and Courtney, pre-frances was in the storage facility. Eric, came to my office last winter w/ an unseen hi8 tp

3. Courtney didn't see the film until the week of the premiere and never saw a frame prior to that.

4. There is not a single edit in this film that was dictated by a family member, studio, or network.

5. We were actively constructing the film in 2013/14. From 2007-2012 I was trying to acquire the necessary rights. The breakthrough was FBC

6. The montage that opens the film was meant to evoke the world that don and jenny bought into and that kurt was brought into.

7. no animals were harmed during the making of the film.

8. All of ‪@HiskoHulsing's animation was done by hand except two shots that were composited in 3d.

9. The soundtrack will not feature any Nirvana music. It's all Kurt. A few unreleased tracks from the film, the rest have never been heard.

10. We first approached Dave about an interview in April 2014.

11. Dave did sit for an int three weeks after I completed the film. He was great. But unfortunately, it was too late for inclusion.

12. The film could not have been made without the support of Dave, Krist, Wendy, Don, Kim, Courtney, or Frances.Everyone came together 4 this

13. All of the 'score' heard in the film that was not arranged by Jeff Danna, is Kurt's. The guitar under the Frances letter seq is Kurt.

'Montage of Heck' is screening in Australian cinemas now.

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