Meghan Trainor drunk calls people "all the time".

The 21-year-old star is known for her outspoken and sassy personality, so it's no surprise she gets even more confident after a few drinks. So much so, she wants everyone to know about it.
"Oh, I do it all the time - whenever I party I love to text or call a bunch of people and wake 'em up," she grinned to Q magazine when asked the last time she rang someone intoxicated. "A few weeks ago I asked my friend, 'Why would you even let me have my cellphone when I'm drinking?'"
Another thing which happens on a regular basis is people singing her hit track All About That Bass to her. Even her close pals belt it out in her presence, which she reasons is annoying but better than no one singing it.
She's mostly open and honest, but Meghan does tell white lies once in a while.
"To my tour manager about getting a pizza. I told him I did not get a pizza when I definitely did get pizza. That was yesterday. It's bad for my throat. So sorry about that," she added sheepishly.
Despite tracks All About That Bass and Lips Are Movin doing so well, Meghan is still waiting for her royalties. This means she is careful with money; not that the blonde star minds too much, as the showbiz life isn't all to her taste.
"I get Uber cabs everywhere - I haven't got a subway in New York forever. I still fly regular airplanes, does that count? I'm not fancy with the private jets - I just fly regular," she shrugged.