VIP Torrent discussion

After finalize a few issue, we have decided :
VIP Torrent
1. Only for NEW Malay Movie : VIP Torrent will mark for 2 weeks.
2. Only for NEW Malay TV-Series & Malay Telemovie : VIP Torrent will mark for 5 days.
3. Only for RARE Release from group release : VIP Torrent will mark for 5 days.
4. For MP3 & FLAC (album) will permanently mark as VIP Torrent.

NOTE : After VIP Torrent end, normal user can download it. Before it end, please be patient. Please use report button in torrent details if torrent still mark as VIP after the date that we told. VIP Torrent will count from the date release upload.

My comment :
So every user is forced to pay and become VIP, if he wants to download the new torrents in time, or music.
I wouldn't like to express my opinion as it is, due to my polite nature...
I would just say that what this tracker does is not filesharing.
Strictly business.