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    Lightbulb Review


    This is my 2nd time I buy a package from is a beta seedbox which works on adifferent concept.
    It offers traffic packages only, without space or time limit.
    I.e you can buy 2TB traffic package and use it for 3 months and more.
    price is pretty good, but the service it bad....


    Speed: 8/10
    1GB/s is the server connection speed.
    The speed is very good, and usually downloads and uploads on max.

    Support: 2/10
    I uset their support for 2-3 times as some of the trackers have a strange problem with theirs unique keys system which blocks
    I tries asking their stuff how can I fix it - but got a cold answer - that it is can't be fixed...
    BEWARE: some trackers, like kinozal - are not compatible with that seedbox.

    GUI: 4/10
    very simple web gui:

    where 1 is the number of traffic left on your account.

    Speed of GUI: 6/10
    There is no auto-refresh to the data on the client.
    In order to see the current speed or ratio - you'll have to maually refresh your browser.

    Package + price: 7/10
    they have several prepaid traffic packages with unlimited number of torrents and space.
    starts from 20GB for $0.19
    and 8TB for 1$16.98

    I would go for that seedbox if you dont download that much and need to increase your ratio on a specific tracker.
    This account will last for a long time, till you finish all the traffic you bought in spite of the number of torrent you share or download.
    If you have ny problem don't expect to get real answers from the customer service...

    Overall rating: 6/10
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    Thanx for review bro!

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