Hello All,

For member and site security, topics and open discussion about donation issues and/or site issues relating to donations will only take place in our VIP forums. The following rule has been added to our site rule set; in the general section and the forum section...

Do Not talk about donation topics in the open forums. Use your VIP forums, Help Desk, or contact a member of staff.

Anyone opening up a donation discussion other than the basic question "where can I donate?" will get a warning. On the second warning, you will have your forum rights removed and possibly your account banned.

We've tried to do things the way our community wanted them, but despite all our efforts those changes have failed and the haters just won't let it happen, although they won't leave the site they hate so much either. That's just like a child; to shit in one hand and want in the other, so I guess in my opinion that's expected. In fact, they've simply made things more discrete and secure for all of us, so in a manner of speaking, we owe them our thanks.

Thank you haters for showing us where we needed to be more secure and to return to doing what we've always done in the past. We apologies to those that don't make waves, but that will be thrust back into the darkness relating to site matters.