It's been over a month since the last official note and three more from the close of PlanetQ. We are aware that it is a long time and we want to first thank you for your patience.

The main reason to do more than a month of the last statement is very simple, until now there was nothing to announce insurance. The main reason that we should bring both closed Time is the new law. With internal troubles of security breaches at the end of the year and the blow that led us to the final closure earlier this year we did not realize that we are coming up with the new law. During this time we have been studying and informing us about this law and thinking how NOT breaking the rules. It seems that now is the time to take a walk ...

It has purchased a new domain.


It is preparing a new server, when ready to begin installing the web.

We think it could save most (if not 100%) of the forum, the tracker nothing is certain.

We do not want to set dates because practically just starting and still do not know what rate will bring everything to be done, but we hope that you continue to have patience and that this news will serve to those who no longer believed (if they had someone) think again.

A greeting.