Dear Bitspyder Community,

The Bitspyder IRC Channel is back

The Bitspyder staff created an Internet Relay Chat(IRC) channel
that allows the community members to seek for live(subject to staff member availability)
support from staff members.

You can use the IRC channel to get help with:
Banned accounts
Banned ip addresses
Password reset
Reporting rules violations
Tracker or Torrent client issues

You are also invited to join the channel to meet other community members and just
hang out. :w00t:

!!D-I-S-C-L-A-I-M-E-R!! :!:
Be advised that the #Bitspyder channel is hosted at the IRC servers
and because of that anyone connecting to the channel will be subject to the
security and privacy policy(e.g the Bitspyder staff can not guarantee your privacy)

We strongly recommend SSL connections to the IRC servers.

+++ Instructions +++

You have two options to connect to the IRC servers.
Either you connect using a stand-alone IRC client or you connect via a Web client
such as Mibbit.

Joining via a Web client(Mibbit):
Click on the following URL:

Joining with a stand-alone IRC Client:
Port: 7000 (SSL)
Channel: #bitspyder

Most irc clients will accept the following commands:
/connect +7000
/join #bitspyder