50 Cent has acknowledged Chris Brown for helping to mend his rift with Floyd Mayweather.

The 39-year-old Wanksta rapper, real name Curtis James Jackson III, found himself publicly feuding with the 38-year-old world champion boxer last year.
But fortunately for the men, their mutual friend Chris inadvertently saved the day.

'Chris is actually involved,' 50 Cent told Los Angeles radio station Real 92.3 of how his feud with Floyd came to an end. 'He brought me out to the Barclays arena, during his performance when he was on tour [in February], and Floyd was there. So I came out in the middle of the show as a surprise, it was completely unexpected.'
The hip hop star confessed he initially almost had it out with Floyd when the pair first found each other in the same company at the concert.
But the men eventually laughed out their angst.

'And then he came back to the dressing room, the guys [with Floyd] was out in front.it turned into an altercation for a second,' 50 Cent recalled. 'And then I go, Oh, no, no, they don't know how to handle with Champ. Like, we got a different temperament. He got people around him that'll do whatever he say, too. So I had to run out behind him, I got him and I'm like, 'Yo, what's the matter with you?' He go, 'Wow, me and you, we gonna do that?'

After this interaction, 50 Cent says Floyd 'just chilled' and they've been on good terms ever since. Their relationship improvement has been very profitable for the rapper, as 50 Cent claims he won $1.6 million after betting on Floyd's fight against Manny Pacquiao, which took place on May 2.