Adam Lambert believes he 'wouldn't run away' from a relationship.

The For Your Entertainment singer dated Finnish entertainment reporter Sauli Koskinen from November 2010 until April 2013. Following their split, Adam has remained single, and while he doesn't see that changing any time soon, he isn't purposefully avoiding romance.

'If love found me, I wouldn't run away from it, but I don't know,' he told MTV News. 'I think I'm dating my album right now. yeah, the Original High is my lover.'

The 33-year-old has been ploughing all of his energy into his third record in recent months. The singer hopes that lead single Ghost Town represents a feeling everyone can relate to.

'It's that feeling that might come over you, maybe after a breakup, when you've had your heart stomped on a little bit, and you're feeling a little lost, and a little lonely, and you're questioning kind of everything, and your beliefs, and faith in the universe, and then someone puts on a real sick house beat and you're fine,' he explained.

In fact the whole of Original High was created with realistic experiences that Adam thinks will be really relatable for his fans.

'I think in the past I was playing around with more theatrical, kind of over the top, kind of kitschy, campy, type material, but on this album, I wanted to do something a little more real, a little more grounded, a little bit more honest, and kind of serious,' he revealed. 'It was really important for me to write about stuff that I had experienced, things that were through my point of view but at the same time, the topics on the album are things that I think everybody goes through no matter who you are.'