Yesterday we reported that 2K Games’ “Advent” teaser site is actually for a new XCOM game, and today further “hacking” revealed a counter. The counter indicates that the reveal of the game is coming in two days, meaning on Monday, as you can see below.


Interestingly, the fourth “testimonial” picture has now also been “hacked” but it’s different from the other three. While the previous cases were replaced by a “Missing” notice, the last announced the rescue of the testimonial.

While there’s no firm information for now, this may mean that one of the roles of the player in the new game will be to rescue those abducted by Advent.

This is just my personal speculation for now, but the new XCOM game might include a more subtle threat than what we’re used to, with the aliens using the corporation named Advent as a cover to operate on Earth, and the XCOM taking up the role of an underground organization that fights them.

A scenario like that would definitely be intriguing, but we’ll have to wait for Monday in order to know.