The Rolling Stones have covered The McCoys 1965 hit 'Hang On Sloopy' in Ohio and it isn't the firs time they have performed it. In fact, it was the 12th time.

The classic hit by The McCoys was played 11 times by the Rolling Stones in Europe during their 1966 tour.

The McCoys, from Union City, Indiana, featured Richard Zehringer on guitar, his brother Randy on drums and bass player Dennis Kelly. Richard later changed his name to Rick Derringer.

'Hang On Sloopy' was a number one hit in the USA in 1965 and was adopted as the first official rock song of the State of Ohio.It is often heard played at Ohio sporting events.

The opening act for the Stones in Ohio was Kid Rock.
The Rolling Stones, San Diego, May 24, 2015

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