We have been a full closed doors tracker since August 2014.
We decided that after almost a year, it's time to get new blood in, to spice up the site.

We had two options: either open the doors or give each site member 1 invite.
Open doors would mean we would get members without a certain background check.
This is why we choose to let you as loyal members invite good members.

However there are a couple of rules:

-Invite persons who you actually instructed about the site rules and regulations.
-You are responsible for your invitee. Everyone can get in ratio trouble, but if we detect abuse of the system or a huge hit and run, you can expect a sanction. The same goes if the invitee behaves against the rules in shout and forum.

Having said that:

-Everyone will receive 1 invite. (Yes ONE, use it wisely and don't ask for more)
-Only Power Users or above can use the invites. (So we don't want messages from the usergroup USER (black colour) why they can't use the invites)

The invites are valid till the 30th of June 2015 23:59PM after which we are removing all the remaining invites again from all NON VIP usergroups.

Enjoy the site!