June Store Update: Spin Logic


It's somehow June already. We're each a bit older, and some of us are a bit warmer. To celebrate heatwave joy and sunstroke avoidance, we've prepared new summertime duds to be procured at your leisure, and we've done so with style in mind: two of our most infamous designers - P1um and neebs - are back to help you slake your thirst for all things What.CD.

P1um makes a triumphant return with a gorgeous new design he likes to call Spin Logic. We like to call it essential. And since we know you like options, this special preparation is being introduced in two varieties. The first features a white print over black, and the second, Spin Logic II, features a yellow print over eggplant purple. The fourth iteration of the neebsian classic Music on the Internet, this time in colors selected by octothorpe, further augments the awesomeness. These designs are printed on American Apparel fine jersey short sleeve shirts. To top things off, you can also pick up the Spin Logic design on these slick vinyl stickers.

As always, What.CD gear is launched through The What.CD Online Store, and our new products are available for purchase today. Shipping Note: New products are not expected to begin to ship for at least ten days from the time of this posting. They're currently being printed and will be en route to Port Merch shortly. Lastly, here's the standard rundown about the store, gear, and donor points:

The What.CD Online Store (TWOS) is operated by Port Merch, a full-service merchandising outlet for many major music artists. This means that your transactions are safe and secure! Thanks, Port Merch.

TWOS accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

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Downloadable products like This CD, The First have very low overhead costs. If you aren't interested in physical gear and your goal is to donate as much of your contribution as is possible, the vast majority of what you spend on downloadable products will directly fund What.CD.

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1 - Spin Logic Shirt:

P1um's original Spin Logic design was unfairly hidden away in the bowels of a design brainstorming thread until we requested that he help us bring it to light, and we're infinitely grateful that he agreed. As we're finding out, Spin Logic is perhaps the best kind of logic. Move along to the beat this summer with this white print on a black American Apparel fine jersey short sleeve t-shirt.
Limited Edition: Approximately 250 shirts are available.
$27.00 per shirt - 2 Donor Points

2 - Spin Logic II Shirt:

After getting the original design ready for your loving embrace, we asked P1um what he thought about a bonus color combination. This charming number is the result. Spin Logic II features a yellow print on an eggplant purple American Apparel fine jersey short sleeve t-shirt. Stick with this one. It's the logical choice.
Limited Edition: Approximately 250 shirts are available.
$27.00 per shirt - 2 Donor Points

3 - Music on the Internet IV Shirt:

What more is there to say about Music on the Internet? It's the most popular design in TWOS history, and you wanted it back. The design has been fancied up in octothorpe's classy color combination this time around the block, and we're confident you'll be happy with the result. Music on the Internet IV features a white and light aqua design printed on a mint green American Apparel fine jersey short sleeve t-shirt.
Limited Edition: Approximately 250 shirts are available.
$28.00 per shirt - 2 Donor Points

4 - Spin Logic Stickers:

Before we forget, we have just the thing to help you move along. These 3" x 4" black vinyl stickers feature rounded corners and the white Spin Logic print. Available in packs of five or ten. Stick in style.
Limited Edition: Approximately 5000 stickers are available.
$6.50 for five or $11.00 for ten - 1 or 2 Donor Points


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