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On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the occasion of the National Day holiday approaching, in order to make the general membership to spend a peaceful and memorable Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, the management group to discuss and decide, China's high-definition network will carry out mid-autumn festival to celebrate the occasion a series of activities. Specific activities are as follows:

A, on the line invited reward system (test operation).

You can start the invitees and his invitees actual upload of the magic value rewarded.

Level 1 (direct invitees): 10% of the available upload amount, 10% of Mana
Level 2 (your invitee invitee): 1% of the available upload amount, 1% Mana
Level 3 (your invitee invitee invitee): 0.1% of the available upload amount of 0.1% of Mana

Second, the invitation the code redemption levels by the head of the "changed to" soldiers "and 1% discount on convertible that magic value in 2000 an invitation code. (September 30)

Invitation code to disseminate the rating changed to "soldiers" by the "platoon". (September 30)

Fourth, the whole station free for eight days. (September 30)


值此中秋、国庆佳节即将来临之际,为了使广大会员度过一个祥和、难忘的中秋及国庆佳节,经管理 组讨论决定, 中国高清网将开展迎中秋、庆国庆系列活动。具体活动如下: