Staff would like to THANK everyone who has donated last month. It was the first time we have ever made 100% in Donations. Any month we cover the server costs the site will automatically be set to 3x. This means every torrent on site will be 3x the upload credit given to you when someone leeches a torrent you are seeding. Again THANKS for your contributions and hopefully we can achieve this goal again this month or in the near future.

* You can THANK ncarl747 since he is now a Life Time VIP for his contribution in the Shoutbox or IRC.

As of today we have added four new Categories in the Foreign content. We placed them all in one Category, but now the four mainly used Foreign Categories are French, German, Spanish and Swedish. Even though most may have English subtitles they will still get placed in the correct Foreign Category. You may have to read the descriptions on the Foreign torrents now. We hope you like the images.

Thanks for your time. Please enjoy Bitleechers!