Good news! As some of you may be aware we as staff have repeatedly stated that we highly value dedicated long term seeders. We decided to put our (proverbial) money where our mouth is and give invites to the most dedicated seeders in our community! We highly value your continued support and hope you can find a good use for these invites!

The following members are eligible to hand out invites:
- you're seeding at least 2TiB of data of the following content types: full discs, remuxes, caps or internal encodes; or
- you're seeding at least 1TiB of data from the aforementioned content types and 3.5TiB in total.

You also need to have downloaded at least 1TiB and been seeding the data for ~ 2 months.

Warning: Keep in mind that (as always!) you are responsible for your invitees! If invites end up with traders, cheaters or people from banned countries, your invite privileges, VIP status and/or your account will be in jeopardy! The security of this site is dependent on your discretion with your invites. Do not offer the invites anywhere to more than 1 person at a time. This includes restricted (forum) sections on other trackers or other sites. Don't invite people on behalf of other people either!

Please note that the following countries are banned: China, Egypt, Poland, Israel, Latvia, Turkey, Vietnam. Should you want to invite someone from a banned country, you should get approval from staff prior to inviting this person. You will only get approval if the person is an original content provider of HDBits type content (caps, discs, remuxes, quality HD encodes).

The invites are meant to last, so take your time, don't act hastily and select your invitees carefully! Preferably ask them for links to their other tracker accounts!

Everyone has gotten invites, but only those who meet the requirements can use them. If it says "Invites are disabled for the moment. May never come back.", you're not seeding enough data or haven't downloaded 1TiB.