Summer News

MTV Summer Recruiting has begun !
We want our development at the site to move faster and for that we open our doors again for new devekioers.So if you want to help this community grow, give a hand and have a great "internship" during the summer, look at this thread and see if you have what we need! -> forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=230&page=1#p ost5215

Also, we have two positions for FLS staff.For this we require :
- High English skills. ( more language would be an advantage )
- Experience in P2P.
- Free time.
- And other things which will be in the "interview" .
If you want to apply, please contact one of our staffers or join on irc!

Have a nice sumemr boys! Now, close this page and go to the beach! ( surf on from mobile )

We love you!