Movie Reviews Competition

We decided that is time for our ship to have a new competition. This time is all about movies and your opinion about them, so starting today till 19.07.2015 we are going to run a Review Competition.

For each review you made you will earn 1 point.

I. 2 invites + 250.000 gold
II. 1 invite + 150.000 gold
III. 75.000 gold

Review Rules:
You can post only one review for the same movie. If is necessary, you can edit the already submitted review and add more information.
If you include spoilers in your review be sure you check -Spoilers- before submitting. Unannounced spoilers are not allowed.
No links allowed in the review section.
Avoid writing in ALL-CAPS. Keep it nice and clean.
Your submission must be your own original work.
The only language allowed for writing reviews is English.
Don't spam or flame in the review section.

To write a review just go to movie detail page that you want to write review for and check users review section.

To join competition just post here that you want to participate.
Chat about this competition here.
Competition moderated by vib3r.

:: Staff