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But Master is a man of integrity, wages had to retake the few remaining broke a domestic server
Moving past, do not worry you play white, the data are still Oh!
This time we will delay should be reduced to less than 100 it!
Welcome because the card did not play before friends continue to play (in addition, the browser will be the first landing relatively long wait, the second would not, because the server move, we'll be patiently waiting to enter)
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If you load the page displays only a progress bar without displaying the content, you can try to use this IP address (suggest that you click on the link we go from PT station inside the bottom of the page)
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Haha, this is the first good news

In addition, we want to join two classification icon
But it found that many dear send seeds to fill in irregularities lead to embarrassing now, we will gradually modify
Emphasize again! If the disc is pressed, then it should be encode, and should not be blu-ray!

Amount, owners so upright, with the support of everyone webmaster friends blueberry bars, there is a problem to find Master!
Blueberry activity we can see in the forum Announcements!
Well, I wish our time together more and more exciting!