Our move has been almost seamless. Domain has been fully switched over to .net and the .com domain is obsolete.

We are having some SSL certificate issues at the moment which is causing tracker problems. This will be resolved by today or at latest tomorrow. Fear not.

We would also like to add a few announcements about our staff; epoch has now been promoted to FYT's Lead Developer. We would like to welcome zset who will be working extremely closely with epoch to fix things here and start work on our new layout very soon.

Further, FYT now has a development team if that hasn't been made clear. The members of the development include: epoch, zset, midian, CFC85 and T34. These guys will be working full time on code and site development. Please do not message them about site related issues.

Everyone needs to start using the new irc.fuckyeahtorrents.net non SSL port: 7029, SSL port: 7721. Unfortunately you will all have to re-register your nicks as these were lost in the transition because the developers could not locate how the person that set the IRC up before had stored the database files. We apologize for any inconvenience.

One more reminder we are full on staff but we *NEED* FLS. Message the staff if interested, there are perks to this.

- Forums are back up, you have to sign up for these.
- Tracker is back up sorry but you must redownload your .torrent files.
- As has been said before everyone needs to begin migrating to irc.fuckyeahtorrents.net nonssl port: 7029 ssl: 7721
- The upload bot might be down for a few more days so there probably won't be a lot of uploads until it is back online.