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To greet the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, during the holiday season, OpenCD will carry out the following activities:

1 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day two days (2012.9.30 00:00 ~ 2012.10.1 24:00) site-wide freeleech.

2 This invitation will be exempt from the assessment. Concern @ the OpenCD Music PT station, forwarding activity microblogging @ three friends, and we will every day (2012.9.30 ~ 2012.10.07) from the forwarding member randomly selected the ten fans donated invitation.

Finally, I wish you a pleasant holiday!



1. 中秋和国庆两天(2012.9.30 00:00 ~ 2012.10.1 24:00),全站 FREE优惠

2. 关注@皇后OpenCD音乐PT站,转发活动微博并@三位好友,我们将每天(2012.9.3 0~2012 .10.07)从转发会员中随机抽取 十名 粉丝赠送邀请(此邀请将免除考核)