Dear Users!

Today are disabled Xvid encoded movies and series.

In the following, only authorized staff may be put, subject to overriding reason. Along with this it will be resolved in dvdrip x264 ban / restriction of the categories.

2-3 years abroad, it has a preference for the x264 was, so we have found it useful step toward improvement.

In brief summary, and clear to all, the difference between the x264 and xvid is that the smaller size provides ugyanazt- x264 or sometimes even better picture quality.

The evolution of technology has now reached a level that appeared in recent years played on the x264 encoding devices without exception.

Users of the older players do not have to fear, since approx. 1 can be purchased at the cost of a monthly Internet costs another compatible device.

In the meantime, everyone can watch the daily film / series dosage computer.

Because apparently a pretty big change, that is why we provide the board with a surface in order to be able to put all the questions and are informed on the subject.

Seizing the opportunity, we would like to indicate also that during the week will be HelpDesk recording the site, which you will receive further information and details of the corresponding part of the forum.

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