Staff Recruitment!

Henchmen & Curator Positions

Once again we're opening up applications for FLS and Curator positions. For those thinking about applying, please read the following carefully:

  • Curators directly run the quality control of new comics that are uploaded. They can also resolve torrent reports and mark new torrents as checked. If you're interested in applying for this position, you (obviously) must be very familiar with comics, the site and our uploading rules.
  • FLS (aka 'henchmen') act as a first line of support for users. Their tasks are to respond in help threads and staff PMs, as well as helping out people in our #support channel on IRC. You should be very familiar with the site's workings, rules and policies. They can also check torrents and resolve reports.

Send a staff PM with the title of "Henchmen Application" or "Curator Application" and write a short paragraph about yourself. Please also mention how much free time you can commit to this position. You must be somewhat familiar with IRC as this is where most discussion takes place. We will ask you further questions if needed.

Applications are currently Open.