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    Lightbulb | Seedbox Review

    Hello TiZ,

    I have been gifted a 5 days trial by seedbones. As a gratitude, I would like to give my genuine review.

    Seedbox provider Name seedbones
    Connection Speed 1 Gbps ( 1000 Mbps )
    Traffic Unmetered (Public and Private)
    GUI Platform ruTorrent v3.6
    Client rTorrent 0.9.3/libTorrent 0.13.3
    Protocols supported FTP/FTPS/HTTP/HTTPS
    VPN support OpenVPN - PLEX Support*
    Additional Client Support Deluge -ownCloud*
    Server location Paris, France.

    1 Gbps is the connection speed promised and it was fulfilled.
    Downloads and uploads are at the peak, I didn't face a trough, it was atop crest all along the way, no dips at any point of download or upload.
    Peak recorded : 89.5 MBps Upload and 79 MBps Download on a single torrent (with just
    15% of the connection speed utilized). The torrent had just 3 seeds and 16 leeches.
    Parallel Downloads: I was running 7 downloads and uploads simultaneously, box was stable,balance and distributed speed optimally.


    Ever since the beginning of trial period, I have been in informed that they provide
    support on Skype.
    You have a VoIP support, rather than sending a mail and waiting for a reply, this service is a brilliant idea.
    The service provider is available at drop of the hat for their customer.

    GUI: 9/10

    Standard ruTorrent 3.6

    It has auto refresh feature and it updates itself in the specified time. Forget refresh buttons

    Package: 8/10

    There are 6 prepaid packages with few add-ons .
    Each packages vary only by the storage space, while the specifications and services are democratically preserved the same for all plans.

    Where it excels:

    • Speed- Synchronously seeds and leeches at highest speed and parallel downloads.
    • Discounts on bulk booking or bigger billing cycles.
    • Transdroid Support- You can access torrents and files from your smart phone. (Configuration file is provided in the website by seedbones)
    • Different protocol support
    • Additional 5€ gives you additional 400 GB storage space
    • unmetered usage

    Where it needs a push:

    • rTorrent 0.9.3/libTorrent 0.13.3 is the older version ( rTorrent 0.9.4/ libTorrent 0.13.4 is the latest stable release)
    • FreshonTv , Scene Access, ScienceHD, IP torrents, BitmeTV and many other familiar trackers have added Latest stable libtorrent/rtorrent release cycle to their client whitelist, so if you are using previous version ,you are using at your own risk as stated by the trackers.

    If the service provider is going to upgrade torrent client periodically to the latest release, seedbones is absolutely the perfect choice for any p2p user. You can compete with giant seeder parallel in the queue with you.

    One Liner: Beauty amidst imperfections.
    Overall, a satisfied customer
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    Thanks for the Review.
    I might try it

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    Thank for the review, the rutorrent version if the customer want i can upgrade to 0.9.4 is not a problem.

    Skype: SeedBones

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeedBones View Post

    Thank for the review, the rutorrent version if the customer want i can upgrade to 0.9.4 is not a problem.

    That's what we call as support from the provider
    Then it will be a great choice seedbones! Thank you

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    Thank you

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    Great Review

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