Dear friends,

We want to, in the first place, wish a warm welcome to our new users and we hope they will enjoy and respect the site in the same way our oldest users who have been with us from the start did.

First I want to tell you guys, because I see some confusion between you: This is a non-ratio site without HnR rules.
What does this mean exactly? If you download something and you do not seed you will not be punished in any way. You may ask yourself how this is better for this site.

That's a valid question. But us and the community have a gentlemen's agreement, which we are proud of. We started this 3 months ago and the numbers and the math never lie. The seeders/lechers ratio are mostly perfect and we really hope we can be proud of you aswell and that you will help maintain this.

But this does not mean here you will find a private PirateBay. No, we have strict rules, one of them which has 0 tolerance, so you should take 10 minutes from your time and read the wiki. If you need any help/support feel free to join our irc #help channel or PM us.

Like we said after the last DDos we have the intention to grow so we are going to have one last open sign-up which will coincide with our one year aniversary and MTV v1 (which is under construction).

Another thing we have to mention about our community is that all decisions we take here we take together: the class names were created by the community, the new layout will be decided by the community, and everyone of you, old or new, can have an opinion regarding this here.
Also, our tracker is still young but if you see packs or movies with one seeder, don't be afraid to take it. All our packs are hosted on a 1 GB line and you will get the max speed possible.

This being said, welcome to and we hope it will feel like home!

MTV Staff