Happy Birthday iS!!! - teky

Hey Immortalseeders,

Happy 6th birthday!! It's been an amazing ride and we have members like you to thank for it! To celebrate we will be doing the following:

Donation packages will offer double upload bonuses! Those packages that offer only VIP time have a dash of upload credit thrown in. Please note that the change is already reflected on the donation page, so what you see is what you are going to get

All members will receive 2 invites. All new members who join between now and the end of the month will receive an additional 5,000 bonus points to start out with. So tell your friends, there is a party going on over here!

There will be an extra surprise for everyone given the last week in July!

The official birthday, July 26 (EST), will see lots of celebration, including a quiz show featuring the site we all know and love, so brush up on your iS trivia!! There will also be a huge lottery drawn with 5 winners, so don't forget to buy your lottery ticket. Last but not least the forums will host everyone's favorite game, the lotto grid with lots of great prizes on deck!

Ever wanted to know what it's like to strut around in a blue or red suit? Want to be part of a great team and have a few hours to dedicate? Then we need you!!! Go here to apply for a staff position: https://immortalseed.me/ts_applications.php