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    2015-07-17 - We are doing some troubleshooting but haven't yet pinpointed the reason for the ratio problem. Our admin will not be available to fully devote his time until next week, so there may be some time before the issue is resolved.

    Worst case scenario is we will need to perform a database restore from the last few days. So keep in mind we might travel back in time a few days. This is a problem for any new members who signed up within the last 2-3 days as your accounts would be gone, but we will keep you informed.

    Until then, I have decided to activate freeleech to try and prevent unnecessary ratio drain, please let me know if this stops the ratio declines.


    - ZDRuX

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    UPDATE: 22/7/15

    Well, we have restored everyone's ratios back to how they were on the 14th of this month. After the restore, DjGrrr was nice enough to credit everyone's account with a free 10GB bonus to make up for any inconvenience caused

    Please report any problems if you find them, hopefully all is back to normal now.

    All users that have signed up after July 14th have had their ratios reset to 0, but get to keep their accounts.

    Enjoy the rest of your FREELEECH

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