50 Cent has been accused of "stretching credulity" with his bankruptcy filing.

The rapper declared himself broke on Monday, just days after he was ordered to pay Lastonia Leviston for posting a sex tape of her online. She has a child with fellow music star Rick Ross who 50 is embroiled in a disagreement with, with the footage made public to anger Rick.
Yesterday 50 delivered a list of his top 20 creditors, who he's claimed he owes $28,478,920.75. According to the hip-hop star, the biggest debt is to Sleek Audio, a headphone company which won a case after accusing him of stealing its design. However, Lastonia's legal team are unimpressed by the documentation.
"The 20 largest creditors include $1,700 to his [grandfather] and a $400 bill,' attorney Hunter Shkolnik told New York Post. 'This is stretching credulity.'
This was in reference to $1,737.33 50 claims he owes his granddad.
The publication details over things mentioned on the list, among them $137,880 to Bentley Financial Services for a rented car, $568,304 to a law company and $5,245.66 for a stylist. There is also $64,909.04 on a credit card, according to the filing.
On Monday, 50's paperwork suggested his debts were between $10 and $50 million, with 49 people or companies involved.
Since then he has spoken about his bankruptcy, which also hasn't impressed lawyer Hunter.
"[This] could not have been made in good faith," he said.
The attorney was specifically referring to an appearance the rapper made on Conan O'Brien's American talk show. He was quizzed on being broke, and he seemingly made light of the situation.
"Yeah, I need protection,' he said. 'You get a bull's-eye painted on your back when you're successful, and it's public. You become the ideal person for lawsuits.
"You know when you're successful and stuff, you become a target... I don't want anybody to pick me as the guy that they just come to with astronomical claims and go through all that."
He also touched on an Instagram post of his which went viral and showed him posing in an empty parking lot in front of a lone smart car. "Times are hard out here..." he captioned it.
"Times are hard out here, for real," he told Conan. "That picture was actually taken by Jake Gyllenhaal."