The development team at Bungie is aware of the problems that the Xur vendor in Destiny has with his inventory at the moment and is working to eliminate them and to make sure that all gamers can get access to new items for their Guardians.

The official support account for the title explains that the problems have been present for about one hour, but it is unclear how much of the player base is affected or when full functionality will be restored.
Xur is one of the highlights of the game for many players before the start of the weekend because he offers high-quality items that many Guardians can use to improve their performance.

Bungie has said that it wants players to have a lot of options when it comes to equipment that allows them to make their character effective in a variety of situations.
The studio has also announced that it wants to introduce a major balance tweak for weapons in Destiny before the launch of the new Taken King expansion.
The studio is planning to tweak both core gun stats and the various exotics in order to create a more level playing field and to encourage players to have a set of tools that allow them to tackle any situation.
The Taken King will be launched on September 15, and the 2.0 update for the shooter will arrive a few days before that.