Rocket League developer Psyonix confirms that its first patch for the PS4 version of the multiplayer experience is coming soon and that, alongside it, PS4 users will also get some free items as an apology for the server issues experienced by the game.

Rocket League gained a pretty big following ever since its beta stage got a lot of people excited about the multiplayer racing sports hybrid.
The title arrived as a free download earlier this month for PS Plus users, and since then, more and more people have been enjoying it across PS4 and PC.
Unfortunately, some problems are affecting the actual game, while plenty of people are reporting problematic servers, which can really put a damper on any online experience.
The first big PS4 update for Rocket League is coming soon

Psyonix confirms on Twitter that it's aware of both the gameplay glitches and the erratic servers, and that it's preparing different improvements to both areas.
First up, the actual game is going to receive its first PS4 patch in the near future. The update is going soon to Sony for certification, and provided everything goes smoothly, the patch should be available for download probably next week.
According to the developer, a few major improvements relate to the optimization of the visuals. This should draw less power from the PS4 and directly reduce the amount of noise made by the console's main fan. The translations are also going to be improved through the patch, plus many other aspects of the actual game.
Free items are also coming on PS4 to apologize for the servers

What's more, Psyonix also confirms that it’s going to improve the servers as soon as possible, and as a token of appreciation for the community and as an apology, the studio is going to offer some free items, like the skull wheels seen in the image above.
You can expect to hear more about Rocket League's improvements in the following days.