Video game developer The Creative Assembly and publisher SEGA are delivering the first in-engine cinematic trailer for the coming Total War: Warhammer, which is focused on Emperor Karl Franz and his power as a Legendary Lord in the world of the strategy game.

The footage depicts the Empire versus Orc horde battle that the company has shown before, set in the Black Fire Pass, and it's nice to see that the game engine is designed to offer more details for units and focuses on portraying the unique elements of each of the included races.
This is not actual gameplay, which means that The Creative Assembly has used some custom animations, but there are also unit moves and designs that will be part of Total War: Warhammer when it launches.
Karl Franz is important to the world of fantasy Warhammer because he is one of the characters that will be able to turn the tide of a battle with his special abilities, his powerful weapons and his impressive mounts.
In order to obtain them, gamers will have to explore narrative-driven quests on the campaign map and battle powerful enemies to secure the relics that can make their leaders all but unstoppable.
The Creative Assembly says a full walkthrough for the Battle of the Black Fire Pass will be shown on July 30.
Total War: Warhammer will offer variety for each of the included races

After the Karl Franz-focused trailer, we can expect to get more details about the leaders of factions like the Orcs, the Dwarves, the Vampire Counts and, probably, also Chaos forces.
The Creative Assembly says that the entire title is designed to reflect the various differences between the races in the universe created by Games Workshop, which means that each will have its own way to develop provinces and to gather the forces required for war.
The fantasy setting also means the tactical battles will include flying units for the first time in the history of the franchise and that gamers will also control powerful spellcasters who can obliterate parts of the battlefield at will, if the conditions are right.
Total War: Warhammer will be out on the PC only and will probably get a launch date somewhere in the second half of 2016.