Windows 10 is just around the corner, and now the whole world's getting ready for the big launch, including manufacturers who want to make the most of the new operating system.

Today Logitech has announced that all its peripherals are fully prepared for Windows 10, so if you update the installed drives and software, you should have absolutely no problem using them in the new operating system.
The problem is with devices that are specifically built for Windows 8, such as mice or keyboards, which come with buttons for some specific features that were removed in Windows 10, including the Charms bar. These will no longer work in Windows 10, but with the dedicated software, you could assign new tasks to these buttons.
“All Logitech PC peripherals that are currently for sale today (mice, keyboards, combos, webcams and headsets) including Logitech G products, have been tested and work with Windows 10. Note that some functions, such as Windows 8 edge gestures are not enabled in Windows 10, so the products that were taking advantage of this feature will not have any functions associated with it in Windows 10,” Logitech explains.
Full focus on the mouse and keyboards

As compared to its predecessor, Windows 10 bets a lot more on the traditional mouse and keyboard, allowing customers to use the desktop just like in Windows 7.
The touch environment is still there, but there's no doubt that Windows 10 is much better optimized for a mouse and keyboard, whereas Windows 8 was too focused on touch.
That's exactly the purpose of Windows 10: fix many of the annoyances of Windows 8 and improve the others, trying to provide the kind of experience that's better for all users, no matter their device. Windows 10 will launch on July 29 for PCs, while mobile devices will get it later this year, most likely in September or October.