VPN / Proxy Rules - (pjcnet)
It has come to my attention that a few members are using VPNs or proxies for logging in and surfing this website, I therefore want to ensure that members are very clear on the rules:

Most importantly you should NOT use a VPN or proxy service for signing up, logging in or surfing the website. Appropriate action will be taken against members that break this rule! If you are currently using a VPN or proxy please ensure you disconnect it immediately and never use it again while surfing this website.

Our rules officially still don't allow VPN or proxy use at all, however even though we don't recommend or support them the rules have been relaxed for seeding and leeching purposes ONLY so members can test them at their own risk. Members must however remember to disconnect their VPN / proxy when using the website and if you do wish to use a VPN / proxy please let us know the details of your provider / service you wish to use first by sending a staffbox message. Please do NOT attempt to use any free VPN / proxy services, not only are they more likely to be problematic, but they're also very unlikely to be private or secure.

Early tests show that only some VPN / proxies work properly with our tracker at the time of writing. Please see https://www.blackcats-games.net/foru...howtopic=54051 for more information including the latest updates as to which VPN / proxy providers are more likely to work. Also please use this thread to leave feedback regarding testing VPNs / proxies for seeding and leeching ONLY.

Please see https://www.blackcats-games.net/foru...howtopic=54157 to discuss this announcement.