As smartphones are getting more and more complex these days, some of us might experience a persistent need to go back to simpler things.

That’s where a handset like a Janus One comes in. This Kickstarter project basically wants to help you simplify your life in a “smart way”. The device can be thought of as either a standalone fully functional feature phone or a connected dialer for your smartphone of choice.
Aesthetically the Janus One looks extremely sleek and shiny and it’s tiny/thin enough to fit in your wallet (has a 5.5 mm / 0.21 inch frame). But its feature list is pretty impressive nonetheless. For example, the phone is said to be able to offer up to 90 days of stand-by-time thanks to its large for its size 1,500 mAh battery. That translates into having a phone that can last up to three months without charging.
On top of everything, the Janus One can also function as a battery back-up for your smartphone, as well as a pedometer.
Thanks to the Bluetooth functionality embedded, the Janus One is also capable of working as a remote dialer, in case you are too lazy to reach for your smartphone.
The Janus One covers all the basics

We should also mention that the Janus One is selling as an unlocked GSM device that is compatible with a microSD card slot. It’s capable of storing up to 500 numbers in its agenda and will also handle SMS messages.
Furthermore, the phone is smudge free and is shookproof and water resistant, which means a few drops of water won’t kill it. However, you should abstain from throwing it in the pool or anything similar.
The team behind the project is offering the Janus One in black, white or gold paint jobs. The project is still gathering funds on Kickstarter, so if you want to secure your model you can go on and pledge $69 / €60 (includes shipping) for an item. The handsets should start shipping out to customers in September.
The Janus One looks like a very promising device and hopefully it will manage to draw enough backers to ensure it will become a real life product.